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Understanding DEXA Scans Better

DEXA dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scans are noninvasive diagnostic procedures involving your bones, which are recommended by doctors. This diagnostic measure determines the density of your bones. Getting this test will help you gauge the present condition of your bones, and if they are right for your present age. If you belong to the young adult age category, you are expected to have health and strong bones. Even so, there are certain factors associated with their lifestyle that make their bones age faster than other adults. No wonder why these bone scans exist to help detect early bone problems like bone loss that some people may be suffering at an early age. Despite the number of bone measurement tests in the present healthcare industry, a DEXA scan remains the standard for measuring bone density.

In terms of costs, DEXA scan prices depend on the type of facility doing the test and the location you will get these scans. If your doctor requires you to get this kind of test, there are ways to save some money when getting them. For instance, you can have your insurance company cover the expenses for a DEXA scan. The procedure is never a cheap process. That said, you have to be informed of the whole process and get the go signal from your doctor if you are indeed required to get it.

A DEXA scan is a painless and fast procedure that involves the use of X-ray imaging. To scan a part or parts of your body using this procedure, you need to lay your back on the X-ray table. This procedure will not require special preparations. Depending on the part of your body that need these scans, you can remain fully clothed. But you require to take off your clothes when then come with metal fasteners like zips, buckles, or hooks. There are some facilities that offer these scans that require patients to use a gown.

There are many visuals that people have about DEXA scans. A DEXA scan does not involve any injections or going inside a tunnel. All it takes is for you to lie flat on your back on the X-ray table. Make sure to remain still during the scan so the pictures will not get blurry. An X-ray specialist or radiographer is in charge of carrying out the DEXA scans.

A large scanning arm is used during these DEXA scans to be passed over your entire body to get your bone density measurement. When the scanning arm moves over your body, a low-dose narrow beam of X-ray will pass through the examined body part. Often, this process takes place on the lower spine and hip portion of your body. Most weak bones can be seen here. Nevertheless, bone density is different across skeleton parts, so you can expect the scans to examine more than one section of your body.

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