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A Few Facts On Geofencing

Almost 10% of annual consumer sales can be attributed to e-commerce. E-commerce is therefore one of the most defining aspects of competitive advantage in modern business. It is also important to notice that e-commerce only constitutes the whole of the operations of the business and therefore any respectable brand out there would want to have a perfect balance between in person operations as much as e-commerce in parallel relevancy. The proper solution will be to have the physical sales floors go together with the online operations which will be properly fulfilled through geo-fencing. This article looks into some few facts about geofencing.

When marketing consumer deals the derived with e-commerce from interpersonal operations from the physical store is what is referred to as geofencing. The marketing so efficient and it is done through mobile devices where customers are able to cash in the offers almost immediately. This is one of the ways in which businesses drastically improve their sales conversion rates.
Geofencing requires that the customer downloads a geofencing app and once it is installed, location services could locate a customer’s mobile device which enhances are more exact location of a customer in a physical store. When a customer closes through the barriers that have been set in a particular geofence then the mobile triggers the targeted offers.

You might be wondering what geofencing has to do with e-commerce but that it could be a proper marketing tool that would increase online sales significantly. The data that would be derived through the geo-fencing could also prove useful in that the seller will be able to know what’s the customer has been eying for a long period of time in terms of the inventory the store and that they will be able to place the offers based on those searches. This would also enable the customer to be able to buy those items directly from the website just with the click of a button facilitating convenient sales. It is imperative to have good amount of data food have targeted marketing particularly to online customers. This therefore means that geofencing is very vital tool it comes to data analytics that will be able to give you competitive advantage.

One of the main challenges is getting customers to opt in to your geofencing strategy in the best thing you can do it is by enticing them to download the application by offering eye-catching coupons and freebies. A repeatable technological company that deals in geo-fencing applications will be able to help you understand your industry very well and to derive the appropriate data.

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