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The Basics of Selecting a WordPress Theme

Creating a website comes with a lot of work and among the things you have to do is pick the theme. Therefore, you have to pick the best one. Don’t just focus on the beauty of the theme but also the functional aspect of it. Some WordPress themes are free while others are not but knowing how to select a good one is crucial. Always go for simple themes first. If the theme has a lot of colors, flashy animations and even complex layouts it might not the best one for you. It might be necessary if you are in that niche but it isn’t most of the time. The design layout of the theme should be in line with the goal you are trying to achieve. Ask yourself whether the theme offers great aesthetics without simplicity and usability. Do not opt for a theme where the presentation style is complicated because it will not work in your favor.

There is no point in holding on to a particular theme just because it is pretty when it is not doing you any good in matters to do with helping you with conversions or even increasing traffic to your site. Also, if the users are having a difficult time navigating the site because of the theme you should not pick it. In addition, the theme needs to be responsive. Don’t start finding ways to avoid this because it is unavoidable if you want to win. The fact that there is always an option means users will not linger on a site that is not giving them what they want. People will keep on scrolling until they find a site that addresses the needs they have because they are always in plenty. In the past, computers were the default when browsing the internet but now it has changed to the use of phones which is why you should make sure the theme you have selected will not be a hindrance on that.

It is easy to test the theme for mobile readiness by changing the size on the browser screen. You will the exact outcome the user will have on your browser screen. Also, ensure the theme will work well with different browsers. Given how many they are, users can use multiple ones or a specific one and you need to make sure they will not have problems accessing the site. Additionally, making assumptions is not the best option which is why you should not go down that road. You can test the theme on different browsers because you make the final decision.

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