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Learning More About The Methodist Church

One of the largest churches in the world and has its own beliefs and practices. The church is one of the most populated ones in the world. The Methodists stand within the protestant tradition and their beliefs and other things differ greatly from those of other churches except for a few things. There are so many beliefs of this mighty church and one is that they do accept the Apostles Creed as the declarations of shared Christian faith. The church also believes that God exists in three persons, God the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit, which is commonly known to as Holy Trinity.

Another belief is that the Bible as much as there are theories and conspiracies about who wrote it, the Methodists altogether agree that the Bible is inspired by God. That person who wrote it was sent by God himself to write down his word for the people and the world at large. There is also a belief in the aspect of free will. This means that people make sin, however, they have the chance to make their choices because of God’s divine. God will allow you to make your decision however you have made a sin, this is one of their beliefs. Also, the Methodists do believe that there is salvation through Jesus Christ. The only way you can get to God is through Jesus plus you get what you ask for be it a favor, healing or whatever your need maybe, you have to go through Jesus Christ. Baptism is another tradition of the church, whereby they believe if you get baptized then you will be born again in Christ and made into a new creature. Baptism is one of their things too.

They also have practices apart from the beliefs above. One of its major practices includes sacraments. They organize sacraments in their church and they have been doing it since the church was found. It has become one of its practices as a church today. As much as sacraments are there, we do have public worship. Well, the methodist church does conduct public worship cause they believe it promotes fellowship and more so, spiritual growth. This is part and parcel of the great church. Talk of mission and evangelism. They do emphasize much on missionary work and other forms of spreading the gospel.

The methodist church however their practices and beliefs may seem different from those of other churches, the church promotes or calls for inclusivity. That means that it welcomes all people from all walks of life. They do not look at your race, age, ethnicity, and other things. All people of God are most welcome to the Methodist Church, but you will have to manage change especially because now you will be doing according to their scripture, rules, the processes, and many other things. Methodists also believe that there is grace. And that God gives favor freely to all persons though it may be resisted. People tend to resist things even if they are good and that is the point being emphasized here.

The Methodist church has branches in several countries in the world. You can get to join them and learn what they do. Check out the above post, get to know more about the methodist church that they believe in and their general practices among other things.

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