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How to Differentiate both the Bedbugs and Scabies

You will not live comfortably in a house infested by bugs. Unfortunately, not many people can differentiate bedbugs and scabies. Other people do not know how to curb this bug problem. However, it is imperative to stay informed on the ways you can handle the infestation of pets in your house. The internet is the best platform to be informed about these pests. On the web, you will read on the effects of these pests on your body. The following tips will guide you on how to differentiate these two pests.

You should know the names of these pests so that you can know their differences. Bedbugs are classified in the Hemiptera group together with aphids. Bedbugs are in the Cimicidae family. However, scabies belongs to a group called Acari, which is related to mites and ticks. The key similarities of the two pets are that they are parasitic. A good way to learn the difference between the two pests is their sizes. Scabies have a small size, and it is hard for you to see them with your eyes.

The feeding criteria used by both creatures is also different. Bedbugs usually concentrate on the exposed skin of people. Bedbugs usually feed on blood for over ten minutes consistently. Once the bedbugs are full, they can stay for a long time without feeding. However, scabies usually burrows in the skin and feed inside the skin. The fact that they have a microscopic size allows them to feed blood like this. scabies can lay their eggs there and live for a long time within the skin. When both pests bite you, you will have certain marks on your body.

The bites of bedbugs are very visible because they usually feed on any exposed skin. The bites of the bedbugs are mostly red itchy welts. With scabies, you will get red rashes. The most distinguishing places to find this scabies are the armpits, elbows and between the toes. The bites from scabies usually appear after several months. When you compare the bites from both pests, scabies bites are itchier. You will be clueless when a bedbug attacks you because they inject their host with an anesthetic.

The only signs that you have scabies on your body is the presence of bite marks. However, you will know that bedbugs have attacked you because of the physical traces they leave behind. You will see dark spots of blood on your sheets. Another sign of bedbugs has pale skin. The bedbugs are big, and you will see their bodies.