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Best Spanish Dishes that you Should Order

Most of the traditional foods from Spain are appealing. Gazpacho is widely known in Spain, but you need to try out other Spanish foods. If you travel to Spain, make sure that you taste their traditional foods. Many Spanish citizens like to stick to their traditions. This means that most of the Spanish hotels usually serve traditional Spanish foods as their main dish. You will also get a chance to try some of their best dishes. Here is a list of Spanish dishes, which you need to try out.

The first Spanish food that you need to try out is the paella. Almost all Spanish foods are made up of seafood. One thing about paella is that it has various types of seafood. Almost all the restaurants in Spain serve paella. Ensure that you scrutinize this article so that you can identify the hot joints where you can buy the paella. The main ingredient in the paella is rice, but it contains other seafood like fish, shrimp, and clams. The dish was first introduced in Valencia. The rice is usually prepared with a lot of flavors like garlic, lemon, and calamari.

Another famous dish in Spain is croquetas, which you have to ensure that you enjoy when you visit Spain. The dish is very famous, and there isn’t any restaurant in Spain that does not serve it. Each restaurant has a specific way of cooking this dish, which makes it very unique. The dish is usually made up of cured ham potatoes and fried eggs. Some people go the extra mile and add sausage and fish to make the dish more delicious. There are times where vegetable and onions are added.

Another dish that you can order while in Spain is Tortilla Espanola. When people think about Tortilla they always assume that you are talking about flour or corn. However, a Spanish Tortilla is what many people refer to as an omelet. The main ingredients used for cooking this dish are tomatoes and eggs, which are usually served when they are sliced. However, people usually cook it differently, which makes it very unique. Some people add onions and vegetables to make it more delicious.

You should make sure that you try Albondigas when you visit Spain. The most basic explanation of Albondigas is that they are Spanish meatballs. They are mostly served as an appetizer or a snack. The main type of meat used in the meatballs is beef, pork, and veal. The meatballs are usually served in a red sauce, which has a lot of spices.