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Picking Your Ideal Fundraising Partner

During your hunt for a fundraising partner, you should be aware that not each player in the industry will suit your demands. What you need is a company that will fit your specific school requirements and will make sure you accomplish the set goals. You ought to be ready to take into account some of these vital aspects when determining your right fundraising company.
Determining the product to sell for your campaign is paramount. Though, you have much to delve in through this process. You ought to find a partner who will take full advantage of sales and assist you throughout with intend to making the event a success. chances are high that you might have come across enticing suggestions through adverts, emails and telephones. You must start by reaching out to these firms. Provided that they are the players who made the first move in this initiative it is evident they are willing to partner with your school. Search through the internet for other alternatives if need be.

You should narrow your options based on your need. After which you get to assess their sales reps. Highlighted below are some of the matters you must find response to.

Seek to understand the sell-through rate. You also need to know the mean family purchase rate. What you need is a company with higher averages.

Search to help identify if a competitor is working with other schools in the region and vending the same products as your potential company. In a scenario you have another company in other surrounding schools you should find out if your probable partner has a different flyer so as to avoid selling a similar product with the competitor.
Seek to understand the sales percentage that your team will receive. Make sure the payment policy is well understood before you enter into a contract with the fundraising company.

Check to be sure how the company responds to late orders. Check if the company sales team will avail product samples. For your information, if you can display the samples during your PTO meeting, that will be a remarkable sales tool. You need to find out the packaging process used by the company. That way, you can tell the quantity of order checking that is needed. You need to be sure if the company will restock similar item or replace with a different one once the item is out of the sale.

Make sure you are clear on how the vendor will respond in case the item supplied is not acceptable or it is damaged. Some firms will choose to charge the groups for these replacements, but others will replace at no cost.
Make sure you pay attention to the time it will take the sales reps to empower your group. Note, a reliable firm must never hesitate to provide you with recommendation points.

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