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Type of Medication Whose Price Increased In 2019

The Americans expenditure of buying prescription drugs is approximated at $1200 annually. Some people are unable to buy these prescription drugs because they are very expensive for them. Even though some have medical insurance, but still is quite expensive for them to buy. Also, the case is extreme for those people in situations that they don’t have an insurance policy covering them for medication. It has been seen from the past a trend of rising prices of prescription medication. Let’s have a look at the prescription medication that has risen most in price in 2019.

In few days, the year 2015 experienced a terrible increase in the price of Daraprim per pill from $13.50 to $750. A conversation about these prescription medication prices started in the country due to this concern. The supply of the drug in the year 2019 cost $4500. This Daraprim is a type of a drug that helps HIV patients fight infections. Toxoplasmosis infections can also be controlled by this drug for healthy people.

Peoples chance of getting a stroke is lowered by a drug called Eliquis. This also is not an exception in the list of the very expensive drugs. Situations of clotting in veins and lungs can also be prevented by taking these drugs. Unfortunately, we have no other alternatives parallel to this drug. However, it is regrettably that is prices are rising terribly and in 2019, it costs up to $550. Before attempting to pick any drug, it is wise to make sure you check up on these prescription medication prices.

It is important to control your blood sugar level and treat type 2 diabetes disease in your body. We have a drug called Tradjenta that is used for this purpose. We have no other alternative for this drug and is very popular today. We have insurance companies that can cover most common versions of this drug. The insurance covers part of this. Currently, it cost up to $500 and looking at these prescription medication prices is important before purchasing.

People who are addicted to smoking have drugs that enable them to stop this habit by reducing withdrawal effects from them. This drug is key and is called the Chantix. We are hoping for alternatives of these drugs in the future hence reduced prices. The current prices are estimated at $515 and no signs of it getting any cheaper. When buying these drugs, have a look at these prescription medication prices for efficiencies.

Prescription drug news is a good place to keep you informed about the variations and rise in the prices of various medication prices. Research on medication is important to make sure you reduce on the expenditure on drugs.