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How to Increase Autophagy

Autophagy is essential for healthy living. It basically refers to a natural process where the body eliminates some of its cells, especially the damaged ones. The essence of autophagy is that it happens so as the body can generate better and healthier cells. When the cells of an individual have been damaged the functioning of a body is affected. Autophagy is also essential because it helps in the removal of a toxic protein that may be found inside a cell. There exist some neurodegenerative diseases that are believed to be related and caused by the presence of toxic proteins in the cells. Body activities may be reduced and in the long run, you become less active. Growth may be generally affected as well.
Autophagy is also essential in ensuring that residual proteins get recycled. When a cell is damaged, some of its parts may still be useful and requires that recycling is done. In normal situations, autophagy is generally existence. What you can is to increase the process since you cannot claim to induce it. There are some essential things that you need to do on your personal level so that to increase the process of autophagy. Some of the essential things to do so as to generate an influx in body autophagy gets descried in this article.

The first thing to do is fasting. Fasting may be very helpful and some experts regard it as the most effective way of increasing autophagy. Autophagy thrives a lot when the sugar supplied to the body is low. During fasting, fewer calories and other nutrients are taken into the body. The metabolic structure and functioning of the body are then altered when you have embraced fasting. The body tends to focus on itself when there is no food to digest.
You can embrace ketosis as well. Ketosis refers to the process in which you avail a limited amount of carbohydrates while increasing fat levels in your diet. The metabolic activities of the body will get altered when you take in fewer carbohydrates. There are various things that you can do to ensure that ketosis functions properly. You can speak to a specialist to guide you on proper ketosis.
Ensure that you have enough sleep as well. Although people tend to believe that less metabolic activities happen during sleep, research suggests that autophagy will be more dominant during sleep. You should, therefore, adopt a good sleeping pattern. Ensure that you avoid stimulants and other things that will deprive you of enough sleep.
You should be selective when it comes to choosing supplements. There are specific supplements that have been proven to be effective in increasing autophagy. You can seek assistance from individuals who have been exposed to different supplements. Ask your friends to recommend to you the best supplements. Don’t focus a lot on the cost of the supplements, rather you should focus on the effectiveness of the supplements.
Also, focus on ways through which you can enhance exercise. Exercising increases metabolism and in the process may induce more autophagy. You can consider using the above tips and see if it will deliver the best results to you.

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